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Whatley Family Tree - Weldon Barnett
Weldon Barnett

Miles Barnett (b.1802)
Weldon Barnett (1847-1932)
Susan Cambell
Naomi Barnett (1879-1908)
Thomas Thompson
Cynthia Harriot Thompson (1845-1920)

Weldon Barnett was born on April 22, 1847 to Miles and Susan Campbell .

Weldon married Cynthia Harriot Thompson .

Weldon and Cynthia had 10 children:
daughter Mary E. Barnett (3-6-1867)
daughter Mattie S. Barnett (3-8-1869)
son Miles Barnett (3-9-1871)
daughter Fannie L. Barnett (4-17-1873)
son Thomas R. Barnett (4-17-1875)
daughter Johnnie E. Barnett (7-29-1877)
daughter Naomi Barnett (7-16-1879)
son Willie Weldon Barnett (7-16-1881)
son Joseph W. Barnett (10-27-1883)
daughter Jamie Barnett (?)

Weldon died on July 19, 1932 and is buried in Rehobth Baptist Church in GA.

Other Information
Weldon was a Private in Company A 42nd Regiment of the GA Voluneeters in the Conferderate States Army. He has written a detail account of his time in the war and of his family lines.

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