The Geneology of Andrew Whatley updated Sept. 13, 1994

Numbers preceding each paragraph indicates the person position on the family tree. Excluding myself, even numbers are men, odd numbers are women. The position number of a person parent's are: Father = child's number x 2; Mother = Father + 1. Brackets ([ ]) represent an item that may or may not be true. Abbreviations: b.-born, m. - married, d. - died, Co. - County.

Since these biographies depend heavily on marriages and to reduce repetition, information common to a marraige is given only in the husband's biography. Ideal biographies are below:

Men's Bio - Full Name b. date, place, city, county, state to parents; d. date, place, city, county, state, cause (or is still living); m. date, place, city, county, state, wife's fulll birth name; children - oldest to youngest, first and middle names. Other facts.

Women's Bio - Full Birth Name b. date, place, city, county, state to parents; d. date, place, city, county, state, cause 9or is still living); m. husband's name; Other facts.

1 Andrew Adams Whatley b. May 17 1971, Georgia Baptist Hospital, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA to Robert and Sally; is still living; m. Oct 15, 1994 Lithia Springs First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs, Doulgas Co., GA, Kathleen Jeanette Rogne, daughter of Robert and Nancy Rogne; has no children.

2 Robert Lamar Whatley b. Nov 20, 1941 Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA to Walter and Avis; is still living; m. Dec 27, 1969 in Azela Bapt.Church, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL, Sally Elizabeth Adams;children - Andrew Adams, Jennifer Louise.

3 Sally Elizabeth Adams b. Jan 23, 1945, Savanah, GA to Roy and Louise; is still living; m. Robert Lamar Whatley;

4 Walter Loy Whatley b. Dec 29, 1903 Senoia, GA to Sterling Edward and Elizabeth; d. Aug 1987, Smryna, Cobb Co., GA, lung cancer; m. Nov 8 ,1934, First Baptist Fayetteville, GA, Avis Namoi Tatum; children - James Everett, Robert lamar, Carolyn Lousie, Annette.

5 Avis Naomi Tatum b. Sep 18, 1908 Gwinette Co., GA to Lee and Naomi; is still living, m. Walter Loy Whatley. Naomi died 3 weeks after child birth and Avis was raised by her Aunt, Johnnie Barnett who had married James Wallace.

6 William Roy Adams b. Jan 5, 1904 Bowmen, GA, d. Aug 9, 1972, Sandy Springs, Fulton Co., GA, stroke; m. Nov 8 , 1934, Arcadia, [Pinellas Co.], FL, Alma Louise Lloyd; children - William Roy Jr., Sally Elizabeth.

7 Alma Louise Adams b. Sep 7, 1915, St. Andrew's, Bay Co., FL to Nash Dennis and Arlie Lee; is still living; m. William Roy Adams.

8 Sterling Edward Whatley b. 1879 to William Robert and Emily Jane; d. Jan 27, 1940; m. Dec 3, 1899, Fayette Co., Elizabeth Cox; children - Walter Loy, Sam, Varney, Florine, Vera; Sterling was a farmer in Fayette County.

9 Elizabeth Cox b. April 9, 1877; d. April 5, 1954 m. Sterling Edward Whatley

10 Lee Tatum b. ? d. [1947] m. 1900 Naomi Barnette; children - Avis Naomi, William Edgar. Naomi died in 1908 and Lee remarried to Ina ? in 1913. They had a daughter, Audrey Tatum born in 1914).

11 Naomi Barnette b. 1879 to Weldon and Cynthia Harriot; d. 1908; m. Lee Tatum

12 Marcus Adams b. 1881 Sandy Plains, Ogelthorpe Cp., GA d. 1955 Gainsville, Hall Co., GA; m. in Madison Co., GA Pearl Hall; children - William Roy, Jim, George, Pearl

13 Pearl Hall b. ? to Tile and Melita d. ?; m. Marcus Adams

14 Nash Dennis Lloyd b. Maysville, NC to d. ? m. Oct 11, 1911 Arlie Lee Rogers; children - Alma Louise, Emana Lee, Willie Ruth, Irma June, Sally Mae, Nash Dennis Jr., John Thomas, Herbert Clark, and Lee Judson. Nash ran the commisary at a logging mill in South Port, FL where Arlie's father and grandfather worked.

15 Arlie Lee Rogers b. 1898 Macon, GA to Thomas Judson and Ella Jane d. 1930

16 William Robert Whatley b. Aug 22, 1810; to Ornan Bradley and Elizabeth ;d. Jul 21, 1910, m. Mar 31, 1863 Emily Jane Neal children - Issac, Webster, Wilson, Amelia, and Sterling Edward. Judge, GA State Legislature (1881-1883). He was also postmaster in Fayetville in the 1880's. Before marring Emily, he was married to Martha Strong in Coweta Co., GA on Aug 8, 1840 and had 7 children (John S., William Jr., George Washington, James, Henry S., Frances, and Martha). Buried at the Fayetteville Cem., GA

17 Emily Jane Neal b. ? d. 1914 m. William Robert Whatley

18 [Samuel] Cox; children - Elizabeth

22 Weldon Barnette b. Apr 22, 1847 Norcross, Gwinnette Co., GA d. ? m. Cynthia Harriot Thompson; children - Naomi, Marry, Mattie, Johnnie, Fannie, Willie, Tommie, Jamie, Joseph, and Miles. Weldon wrote a history of the Barnett which I, Andrew Whatley, have transcribed (typed). It talks about his grandparents, his service in the Civil War (or the War Between The States as he calls it), and his grandchildren.

23 Cynthia Harriot Thompson b. Jul 25, 1845 to Thomas and Lucinda d. Feb 6, 1920 m. Weldon Barnett.

26 Tile Hall b. to [Artemissa] Hall m. Melita Moore; children - Pearl, John Wade. Tile and Melita lived in Bowmen, GA. Tile used to run the old Hall's (corn mill). Tile's father was killed in the Civil War before he could marry Tile's mother. Till's mother may have in fact been Artemissa's unknown sister.

27 Melita Moore m. Tile Hall. Melita's sister, perlina, married Charles Stephen Hall, son of Charles Woodson Hall, son of Robert Pendleton Hall.

30 Thomas Judson Rogers m. Ella Jane Fulgham; children - Arlie Lee, Edgar Earl, Willie, Lucile, Thomas Loenard, Martin Etherl, Herman LaFayette, Ruth Hellen, Annie Myrtle. Thomas had the commissary for the loggin mill in Southport, FL.

31 Ella Jane Fulgham m. Thomas Judson Rogers

32 Ornan Bradley Whatley b. Apr 4, 1785 GA to Ornan Sr. and Judith d. Oct 1825, Morgan Co., GA m. 1804 Green Co., GA Elizabeth Whitlock; children - Ornan (III), Wilson, William Robert, Caroline Matilda, Mary, Elizabeth Ann, and Johnston T.. Ornan Bradley aka Ornan Jr. died intestate. Children listed court of the ordinary records, Morgan Co., GA

33 Elizabeth Whitlock d. Jan 3, 1789 d. after 1880 Fayette Co.,GA m. Ornan Bradley Whatley.

44 Miles Barnette b. 1802 to Joseph and Mary m. 1824 Susan Campbell; children - Weldon, Joseph, MaryAnn, Daniel Jackson.

45 Susan Campbell m. Miles Barnette

46 Thomas Thompson m. Lucinda ? ;children - Cynthia

47 Lucinda m. Thomas Thompson

53 Artemissa Hall b. to Robert Pendelton and Mary

64 Ornan Whatley b. May 8, 1751 NC to Shirley and Rebecca, d. Dec 1, 1798, Oglethorpe Co., GA m. Judith Thornton; children - Wilson, Ornan Bradley, Burwell, Charity, Rebecca, Elizabeth. Ornan first married Tabitha Green. It is thought that Ornan's children Wyatt and Tabitha were by Tabitha Green and that his other children, listed above, were by Judith. Oran served in the Revolutionary War. He lived in both Richmond and Princess Ann, VA. In GA in lived in Walton and Wilkes (later Ogelthorpe) counties. For his service, he received Bounty Land Grants and his widow recieved land in Lee Co. Ornan gave land to a relative Samuel (1762-1826) to start Whatley's Mill Church. The church is now located in Greene Co. and named Bethesda.

65 Judith Thornton b. Feb 8, 1751 to John and Elizabeth; d. Nov 4, 1842 Paulding Co., GA m. Ornan Whatley.

106 Robert Pendeltn Hall b. to Jerimah and [Nancy]; m. Mary Christian ; children - Charles Woodson Hall, Millard Filmore, Azariah Shelton, S. hartford, R.P. 9Petch), Jermiah, Artemisa, a girl whose name is not known.

107 Mary Christian b. to Charles Woodson and Nancy Ruff m. Robert Pendelton

128 Shirley Whatley b. late 1600's Jamestown, VA.; d. Aug 27, 1779 Granville Dist., NC; m. Rebecca Wharton; children - Willis, Ornan, Wharton, Mary, Wilson, Michael, Shirley Jr., John, William, Mary, Benjamin, Lydia. Shirley first married Mary Cherry and likely had Willis, Shirley Jr., John, Willam, Mary, and Benjamin. The Granville District later changed to Bute and then to Warren Co.. Shirley's Will was written 12-19-1778. Shirley and Rebecca first deeded land in Hanover Co., VA in June 4, 1734. Shirley's father is thought to be either John or Samuel.

130 John Thornton m. Elizabeth; children Judith. John and Elizabeth were from Franklin Co., GA.

212 Jerimah Hall m. in Pendelton, Anderson Co., SC Nancy Tucker; childern - William, John, Robert Pendelton, Jerimah Thomas, Elizabeth Meeds, Mary King, Patience House, Sarah, nancy, Hannah Sims, Rachel, Vicy, and Decy. They moved to Madison Co., GA between 1810 and 1820.

213 Nancy Tucker m. Jerimah Hall

214 Charles Woodson Christian b. Nov. 11, 1778 Goochland Co., VA, to Charles Jr. and Judith m. Jun 6, 1807 Elbert Co., GA Nancy Ruff; chidren - Mary, Nancy, Washington, Frank, William Payne, nd John Lacy. After Nancy died, Charles married Mary Walton maxwell on jan 18 1827 had a boy Charles Woodson Jr. Son, Washington surveyed land in Elbert Co., GA.

215 Nancy Ruff m. Charles Woodson Chrisitan


428 Charles Christian Jr. b. 1710 Goochland Co., VA to Charles Sr.; m. Judith Woodson children - William, Walter, Gerogra, Charles Woodson, John, Elijah, Turner H., Elizabeth, Mary, Judith, Lucy, Mourning.

429 Judith Woodson b. 1712 Goochland Co. to Joseph and Mary Jane m. Charles Chrisitian Jr.


856 Charles Christian b. to Thomas Sr. ;children - Charles Christian Jr. Charles lived in Westover parsih, Charles City Co. and obtained numerous patents to land in Goochland Co. VA. There is a record there of his deed to his sol Charles Christian Jr., of Goochland C. in 1754.

858 Joseph Woodson m. Mary Jane ; children - Judith


1712 Thomas Christian ;children - Charles, Thomas, James, John. Thomas obtained a patent for 100 acres south of Chickihominy Swamp in VA. He patented 1000 acres in Charles City Co., VA on Oct 21, 1687. His father may have been Eman Mac Cristen (died 1605) from the Isle of Man (near England).



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