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Whatley Family Tree - Tile Hall
Tile Hall

Tile Hall
?Artemissa Hall?
Pearl Hall
Melita Moore (?)

Tile Hall was born in ? to unknown and unknown . Tile's Mother's first name is not known, but she was a daughter of Robert Pendelton Hall and Mary Christian. Many believe her name was Artemisa.

Tile married Melita Moore

Tile and Melita had 2 children:
daughter Pearl Hall
son John Wade Hall (?)

Tile died in ? in ? and is buried at ? cementary.

Other Information
Tile and Melita lived in Bowmen, GA. Tile used to run the old Hall's (corn mill). Tile's father was killed in the Civil War before he could marry Tile's mother. Till's mother may have in fact been Artemissa's unknown sister.

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