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Whatley Family Tree - Arlie Lee Rogers
Arlie Lee Rogers

Nash D. Lloyd (?)
Alma L. Lloyd (b.1915)
Thomas J. Rogers (?)
Arlie L. Rogers (b. 1898-1930)
Ella J. Fulgham (?)

Arlie Lee Rogers was born in 1898 in Macon, GA to Thomas and Ella Rogers .

Arlie married Nash Dennis Lloyd on October 11, 1911.

Nash and Arlie had 9 children:
daughter Alma Louise Lloyd (b. 9-7-1915)
daughter Emana Lee Lloyd (?)
daughter Willie Ruth Lloyd (?)
daughter Irma June Lloyd (?)
daughter Sally Mae Lloyd (?)
son John Thomas Lloyd Jr. (b. ?)
son Herbert Clark Lloyd (b. ?)
son Lee Judson Lloyd (b. ?)

Arlie died in 1930 and is buried in (?).

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