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Whatley Family Tree - Thomas Judson Rogers
Thomas Judson Rogers

Thomas Judson Rogers (?)
Arlie Lee Rogers (1898-1930)
Ella Jane Fulgham
unknown (?)

Thomas Judson Rogers was born in ? in ? to unknown and unknown .

Thomas married Ella Jane Fulgham on ?.

Thomas and Ella had 9 children:
daughter Arlie Lee Rogers (b. 1898)
daughter Edgar Earl Rogers (?)
daughter Willie Rogers (?)
daughter Lucile Rogers (?)
son Thomas Loenard Rogers (?)
son Martin Etherl Rogers (b. ?)
son Herman Laayette Rogers (b. ?)
daughter Ruth Hellen Rogers (b. ?)
daughter Annie Myrtle Rogers (b. ?)

Thomas died in ? and is buried in (?).

Other Information
Thomas had the commissary for the loggin mill in Southport, FL.

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