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Whatley Family Tree - John Rogne
John Rogne

Lars Erickson Hjelmester Raunehaug (b.1823)
John Rogne (1865-1940)
Sigrid Jonsdatter Opheim (?)
Harlan Rogne (1920-1994)
Mary Tiegen (1868-?)

John Rogne was born October 1865 in Norum Sogudals Preslegjeld Sogn Norge to Lars Erickson Hjelmester and Sigrid Raunnehaug .

John married Mary Tiegen on September 15, 1890 in Minnesota near Elkton.

John and Mary had 8 children:
son (Elmer) Harlan Rogne (6-19-1920)
son Edwin Rogne (12-2-1890
daughter Leverine Amanda (4-7-1892)
daughter Celia Eline (2-6-1896)
son Lewis Selmer born (3-8-1896)
son Sigura Arthur born (7-1-1896)
son William Gustav - (5-22-1901)
daughter Mabel Janet born (6-26-1907)

John died in 1940 in Elkton, Minnesota where he is buried.

Other Information
John was the second of 7 sons. John came to the United States at the age of 21 in 1886. Upon coming to America, he changed the name from Raunehaug to Rogne. After he married he and wife Mary pioneer[ed] a farm 2 miles southwest of Elkton where they lived and farmed for 50 years. His son Harlan bought the farm 1940.

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