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Whatley Family Tree - Kathleen Rogne
Kathleen Jeannette Rogne
(b. 1971)

Robert L. Whatley (b.1941)
Andrew A. Whatley (b.1971)
Sally E. Adams (b.1945)
William R. Whatley (b.1996)
Nathan A. Whatley (b.1998)
Robert C. Rogne (b. 1943)
Kathleen J. Rogne (b.1971)
Nancy C. Poston (b. 1946)

Kathleen Jeannette Rogne was born on March 04, 1971 in St. Joseph's Hospital in Savanah, Georgia to Robert and Nancy Rogne .

Kathleen married Andrew Adams Whatley on October 15, 1994 in Lithia Springs First Baptist Church in Douglas County, Georgia.

Andrew and Kathleen had 2 children:
son William Robert Whatley (b. 9-6-1996)
son Nathan Alexander Whatley (b. 7-11-1998)

Other Information
Kathleen grew up ... After living in the apartment for a year, they bought a house in Douglasville. Four years later, they moved to Lawrenceville, GA and begin going to Lawrenceville First Baptist Church.

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