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Whatley Family Tree - Robert Rogne
Robert Charles Rogne
(b. 1943)

Harlan Rogne (1920-1994)
Robert C. Rogne (b.1943)
Virginia F. Wood (1920-1997)
Kathleen J. Rogne (b.1971)
Sidney Poston (1917-1999)
Nancy C. Poston (b.1946)
Julie Sigwald (b.1915)

Robert Charles Rogne was born on October 29, 1943 in Elkton, Minnesota to Harlan and Virginia Rogne .

Robert married Nancy Carol Poston on April 04, 1969 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Robert and Nancy had 3 children:
daughter Kathleen Jeannette Rogne (b. 3-4-1971)
daughter Tina Louise Rogne (b. 7-21-72)
daughter Julie Faye Rogne (b. 8-31-75)

Other Information
Robert was in the U.S. Navy for 6 years and then went to work for WANG Labortories where he presently works.

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