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Whatley Family Tree - Shirley Whatley
Shirley Whatley
(late 1600's-1779)

Shirley Whatley (late 1600's-1779)
unknown (?)
Ornan Whatley (1751-1798)
Rebecca Wharton ()

Shirley Whatley was in the late 1600's in Jamestown, VA. to unknown and unknown Whatley .

Shirley married Rebecca Wharton in ?.

Shirley and Rebecca had 12 children:
son Ornan Whatley (b. 5-8-1751)
son Wharton Whatley (?)
daughter Mary Whatley (?)
son Wilson Whatley (?)
son Michael Whatley (?)
daughter Lydia Whatley (?)

Shirley died in Aug 27, 1779 in Granville Dist., NC Other Information
Shirley first married Mary Cherry and likely had Willis, Shirley Jr., John, Willam, Mary, and Benjamin. The Granville District later changed to Bute and then to Warren Co.. Shirley's Will was written 12-19-1778. Shirley and Rebecca first deeded land in Hanover Co., VA in June 4, 1734. Shirley's father is thought to be either John or Samuel.

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