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Whatley Family Tree - Walter Whatley
Walter Loy Whatley

Sterling E. Whatley (1879-1940)
Walter L. Whatley (1903-1987)
Elizabeth Cox (1877-1954)
Robert L. Whatley (b.1941)
Lee Tatum (b.?-1947)
Avis Tatum (1908-1997)
Naomi Barnette (1879-1908)

Walter Loy Whatley was born on December 29, 1903 in Senioa, Georgia to Sterling and Elizabeth Whatley .

Walter married Avis Tatum on November 8, 1934 in First Bapt. Fayetteville, Georiga.

Walter and Avis had 4 children:
son James Everett Whatley (b. ?)
son Robert Lamar Whatley (b. 11-20-1941)
daughter Carolyn Louise Whatley (b. ?)
daughter Annette ? Whatley (b. ?)

Walter died in Aug 1987 of lung cancer in Smryna, Cobb Co. Georgia. He and Avis are both buried in ?? Cementary in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.

Other Information
Walter was a highly respected mailman who had several articles written about him in the Atlanta Journal Constitution including one by famed columnist Celestine Sibley.

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