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"It seems to be the consenus of opnion at this time among genealogists that the Whatleys of the Southern part of the United States descend from Sir John Whatley of Frome, Somerset, England. Sir John was given a coat of arms by the King of England, showing three garbes or sheaves of wheat on the shield, depicting the wheat 'fields' from which the names WHEATLEIGH, WHATELEY, and WHATLEY came. On its crest is a helmet and a stag's head.

In the year 1670, a John Whatley who had received a land grant in Virginia in the Isle of Wight, wrote his will and passed 100 acres of land to his eldest son, John... "
page 2, Whatley Grandfathers Revised (c. 1990) by Mary Elizabeth Whatley Jones

The purpose of this site is to display the ancestary of my two sons (born in 1996 and 1998) with emphasis on the line back to Shirley Whatley and his father (and forefathers). At this time I am not sure of the link between Shirley Whatley (b.16??-1779) and John Whatley (d.1671), but will continue to look for it and post it when I find it.

Rev. William J. Whatley suggests the following on his site (http://www.houseofwhatley.com/whatley.html):
Sir John Wheatleigh
Castle Bromwich, Leicestershi, England
Died: ??-??-1594
Wife: Mary ???
Died: ??-??-1595

Richard Whatley
Frome, Somerset, England
Married: Mary ??? About 1583

Thomas Wheatley
Born: ??-??-1584
Married: Elizabeth Farrer

Capt. John Wheatley
Died: ??-??-1695
Married: Lydia Talbot

Benjamin Wheatley
Married: Frances Rolle

Samuel Wheatley
Died: ??-??-1740
Married: Mary Shirley

Shirley Whatley I
Jamestown, James City, Virginia
Died: 08-27-1779
Married: Mary Cherry
Married 2nd: Rebecca Wharton

Rev. Whatley furthers says on his site:
My Whatley Line goes back to the 1500's. We came came from Whatley, Somerset, England.
The Whatley name as I have found it dates back to 1084 and the spellings were as follows: No 1: Watileia: No 2: Watelega: No 3: Wateles: No 4: Watteleg: No 5: Hwatele: No 6: Whateleia: No 7: Whatele: No 8: Watele: No 9: Watteleghe; No 10: Whateley: No 11: Whately No 12: Whatleigh: No 13: Wattley; No 14: And of course, Whatley. The earliest Whatleys I have found was: Lambert de Watileia, 1084 GeldR (So); Martin de Watelega 1130 P (Nt); Roger de Wetelea 1182 P (St); Peter de Watteleg' 1196 P (Y); Elyas de Hwatele 1219 AssY; Peter de Watteleg' 1221 AssWa; Henry de Whateleia Hy 3 Colch (Ess); Walter de Whetele 1273 RH (Nt); Reginald de Watele, Robert Watteleghe 1296 SRSx. From Whateley (Warwicks), Whatley (Som), Wheatley (Essex, Lancs, Notts, Oxon, WRYorks), or Wattlehill Fm in Ewhurst (Sussex), all 'wheat-lea'. cf. Whiteley.

I am listing the oldest ancestors first ... The spelling will be as I have it in my records, which many of them came from either El Duane Whatley or Dallas Whatley Griffen.

Youngest Whatley:Nathan Whatley
Oldest Whatley:Shirley Whatley
List of Whatley's on this site

Much of the information on this site came from research I did several years ago. The file I used to store this infromation is below:
bios.htm (w/ html paragraph breaks) bios.txt (no html tags)

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