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Whatley Family Tree - Lee Tatum
Lee Tatum

Lee Tatum (?-1947)
Avis N. Tatum (1908-1997)
Weldon Barnett (1908-1997)
Naomi Barnett (1879-1908)
Cynthia H. Thompson (1845-1920)

Lee Tatum was born in ? to [unknown] and [unknown] .

Lee married Naomi Barnett .

Lee and Naomi had 2 children:
daughter Avis Naomi Tatum (b.9-18-1908)
son William Edgar Tatum (b.?)

Lee died in 1947.

Other Information
Lee's first wife, Naomi, died 3 weeks after the birth of Avis. In 1913, he later married a lady by the first name of Ina (last name unknown). Lee and Ina had a daughter, Audrey Tatum born in 1914.

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