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Whatley Family Tree - Mary Tiegen
Mary Tiegen

Lars Erickson Hjelmester Raunehaug (b.1823)
John Rogne (1865-1940)
Sigrid Jonsdatter Opheim (?)
Harlan Rogne (1920-1994)
Mary Tiegen (1868-?)

Mary Tiegen was born in 1868 in Minnesota to unknown and unknown .

Mary married John Rogne on September 15, 1890 in Minnesota near Elkton.

John and Mary had 8 children:
son (Elmer) Harlan Rogne (6-19-1920)
son Edwin Rogne (12-2-1890
daughter Leverine Amanda (4-7-1892)
daughter Celia Eline (2-6-1896)
son Lewis Selmer born (3-8-1896)
son Sigura Arthur born (7-1-1896)
son William Gustav - (5-22-1901)
daughter Mabel Janet born (6-26-1907)

Mary died in ? in Elkton, Minnesota where she is buried.

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